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Jason Bauman

I became an Ambassador because...

Since the beginning, I have seen the foundation as a way to give back to not only my brother's that have passed, but also to their families. I only shoot guns and build guns in retirement and I can't think of a better way to give back than through the sports I love. Getting to staff the match has been one of my adult highlights and I loved being part of bringing a little joy to the families. It's literally the only charity I've ever been involved with for that matter because I know where the money is going and it's something I feel like we all (prior service) could do more to honor our fallen. On top of that I am in back in the JBLM region and there are a lot of shooters here from base and especially 1st Group that are a great audience for the foundation's mission. I am not 100% on how many 1SFG ambassadors there are now over here but Ive been honored to get to rep the foundation over here since moving back over last summer.

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