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Jenn Card

I became an Ambassador because...

I was incredibly honored to be accepted as an Ambassador last year. I’m immensely proud of what this foundation does for the Gold Star families, and being able to RO one of the stages last year was the best experience I’ve had so far. Although our stage family was unable to attend, it was moving to share James Moriarty’s story with each squad and to help people get to know what a hero he was. Whether as an Ambasaador or not, I plan to work as an RO for this match as for years to come because it was such a humbling experience. As Ambasaador I will continue to promote the Foundation through social media and among the shooting community. I promote Memorial 3 Gun amongst my A Girl And A Gun chapter and sister chapters, and in the RAID Warrior program that I’m involved with at my local range, 37 PSR. My goal this year is to be even more active on social media, and I’d like to help find more sponsors so we can help the Gold Star families even more and continue to grow the foundation. I try to always stay positive at matches and to share that positivity with others. I also encourage newer shooters and try to help them the best I can, just as I was helped when I first started. I try to be the best ambassador as I can for the sport as a whole, and I bring integrity and dedication to my role as Ambassador. I would be honored to be able to continue my role this year. Thank you for the opportunity.

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