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Erik Torres

Erik Torres

Erik is the founder of Memorial 3 Gun and currently serves in the Special Operations Community. He ensures every section runs efficiently and that the foundation stays true to the mission. He began the foundation to ensure no brother is ever forgotten and to help the Gold Star families understand they are never alone. 



Bryce Laemmlen
Vice President

Bryce is the co-founder of Memorial 3 Gun and oversees our annual event. His dedication to ensuring the match is meaningful to everyone is what drives the heart of our foundation.




Tara Thomas-Perkins
Director of Honorees

Tara directly assists all of our Gold Star families with anything they may need throughout the year. She ensures that their loved ones are truly honored in a way that each fallen hero would be proud of. Her passion is driven from her direct experience of losing her husband while he was deployed overseas. 



Pat Ritzel
Committee Staff

Pat is a medically-retired Special Operations Flight Paramedic of 14 years and is an avid shooting sports competitor, including archery and 3 gun. His knowledge of shooting competitions and care for people brings a lot to the table for our Gold Star families. He coordinates/acquires gear for these families and assists them with training to help them shoot their loved one's stage at the event. His desire to give back anyway he can is embodied by his actions on and off the range, throughout the year, at our match as well as being a foundation ambassador at other 3 Gun matches throughout the country.

Jordan Binion.jpg

Jordan Binion
Committee Staff

Jordan is a former Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewman (SWCC) from the Naval Special Warfare side of Special Operations. He is a long-time shooting sports enthusiast and has participated in and assisted at virtually every level in organized shooting sports, both locally and nationally. He is a certified Chief R.O. within the USPSA. Jordan will be working in tandem with Pat to provide the right gear, the best firearms, and world class training to our Gold Star families before, during, and after the event. 


The foundation committee shares the responsibility together of reaching out to new sponsors, coordinating donations to the foundation, product donations for the competition and helping to spread the mission of Remembering, Honoring and Memorializing fallen Special Operations members.

If you would like to donate or become a sponsor of the 2023 6th Annual Memorial 3 Gun Competition, click on the link below.

You can also reach out to us at



Dawn Lolli
Director of Public Relations

Dawn has assumed the role of Director of Public Relations. She has worked in the foundation from the start in the Accounting committee. Dawn comes with 43 years experience working in the financial industry and a strong personal commitment to ensuring the gold star families know they and their loved one will never be forgotten.​



Linda Chico

Linda runs and takes care of all the competitors who register. She also advises the foundation on the administration aspects of the match, ensuring they are run smoothly.




Austin Trockenbrot
Director of Operations

Austin acts as a liaison between the Memorial 3 Gun Foundation and other events that raise money for the foundation. He actively works to seek additional streams of revenue in order to raise as much as possible for our Gold star families. He has also served the foundation as a Range Officer at our annual event.


Eric Eckhardt.jpeg

Eric Eckhardt


Eric is our Foundation’s range master for our annual Memorial3Gun Competition. He has been competing in and putting on competitions for over a decade. His experience brings the type of caliber match that competitors expect when traveling from across the nation.



Jordan Comstock
Director of Marketing

Jordan is an Army Infantry veteran that assists across several committees. His primary roles are managing our website, handling marketing materials for each committee and distribution of Foundation content. He also oversees our social media and the Ambassador Program. He ensures that the Foundation maintains the professional appearance that our honorees deserve.


Michael Berger

Michael Berger
Social Media

Michael has been an ambassador for the foundation for several years. He handles the majority of all social media posts to help further the reach and influence of the foundation's mission.

Jeff Abraham

Jeffrey Abraham
Ambassador Program

Jeff is an active shooting competitor and has represented the foundation as an ambassador for many years. His attention to detail and drive for excellence has made him a perfect fit to run our ambassador program. He helps support our ambassadors at events, on social media, and helps to further the mission of the foundation.



Seth Amidon
Director of Logistics

Seth started out as a volunteer at our 4th annual event and wasted no time diving in to help the foundation wherever he could. Seth now handles the logistical needs for our annual event, coordinating event setup and making sure each committee has what it needs for a successful match.


Chris Fries

Chris Fries
Assistant Director of Logistics

Chris ensures that whatever logistical assets the foundation needs they receive. His extensive knowledge and contacts in the logistical field bring a lot to the foundation. Chris currently works in the Special Operations Community.




Dave DiSalvo
Director | Chief Financial Officer

Dave is our Chief Financial Officer and has oversight for all financial reporting, cash management, legal and corporate matters for the Foundation. He is the Business Manager for a high-net worth private family office in Greenwich CT and brings vast knowledge in all areas of Finance, Business and Business Management. ​


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