1.   What's the round count? 250 Rifle (NO GREEN TIP), 250 Pistol, 150 Birdshot, 10 Slugs. Bring more for misses and side stages.


2.   Will there be food on-site?  Yes, a catering company will be on-site for lunch, available for purchase

​3.   Will there be a prize table? Yes, there will be a prize table. There will also be a prize for the top finisher for each side stage. We will also be raffling off some prizes. Additionally, there will be trophy's provided for top finishers.


4.   Can I re-shoot the side stage? Yes, in order to shoot the side stage it will cost $5.00 every time. You can shoot the side stage as many times as you would like. Proceeds will go to the fallen soldier's families.


5.   If I forget my military ID when I check-in, can I get still get the discount? No, in order to get the discounted entry fee rate, you MUST have your military ID, no exceptions. If you do not have it, you have the choice to pay the full rate. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.

6.   Are their sponsor slots available? No, we are very sorry we are not giving away sponsor slots for this match due to our cause is to raise money for the 10 fallen soldiers families we are honoring.

7.   Will there be somewhere to buy ammo? Yes, Defender Ammunition will be on site selling ammunition for those who are interested. 

8. Will I need a cart? Yes, carts are HIGHLY recommended. You will have at most a 200 yards walk in between stages. No ATV's, side by sides, or any other type of motorized vehicles. 

9. Can I mail ammo? Yes, you can mail your ammo and pick it up at the Registration point at check-in. Address is:

Your Name


253 Flagstone Ln.

Raeford, NC