Meet Our 100% Volunteer Team



Erik Torres


Erik is the founder of Memorial 3 Gun who currently serves in the Special Operations Community. He ensures every section runs efficiently and that the foundation stays true the mission. He began the foundation to ensure no brother is ever forgotten and to help the Gold Star families understand they are never alone. 


Bryce Laemmlen

Vice President

Bryce is the co-founder of Memorial 3 Gun who oversees our annual event. His dedication to ensuring the match is meaningful to everyone is what drives the heart of our foundation.



Tara Thomas
Director of Honorees

Tara directly assists all of our Gold Star families with anything they may need throughout the year. She ensures that their loved ones are truly honored in a way that each fallen hero would be proud of. Her passion is driven from her direct experience of losing her husband while deployed overseas. 



Annette O'Keefe
Assistant Director of Honorees

Annette O'Keefe has years of experience volunteering with non profits in an operations capacity throughout Fayetteville. As prior law enforcement and a military contractor she holds our cause and those who put themselves on the line near her heart.



Pat Ritzel
Committee Staff


Dave Harris
Committee Staff


Johnny Moffitt
Committee Staff

Johnny creates and directs new events in order to bring awareness of our foundation’s mission. His expertise in personnel management and operations coordination directly benefits our foundation. He currently serves with the Special Operations Community



Chad Swartout
Director of Public Relations

Chad interacts with our supporters, competitors and the public on a daily basis. He oversees our Ambassador program in addition to our merchandise line, all while keeping our team and competitors updated on our annual event.


Chris Donahue
Assistant Director of Public Relations

Chris interacts with all 3gun competitors, ambassadors, and the public about our foundation and our annual match. He also dedicates his time to promote the foundation at other matches across the country. 



Linda Chico


Linda runs and takes care of all the competitors who register. She also advises the foundation on the administration aspects of the match, ensuring they are ran smoothly.



Jason Bennett
Director of Operations

Jason establishes operating procedures for our events and ensures that quality and safety are held to high standards. His twenty years of experience in the Special Operations Community brings leadership and organization to our charity events.


Eric Eckhardt.jpeg

Eric Eckhardt


Eric is our Foundation’s range master for our annual Memorial3Gun Competition. He has been competing in and putting on competitions for over a decade. His experience brings the type of caliber match that competitors expect when traveling from across the nation.



Jordan Comstock
Committee Staff

Ryan Cross


Ryan is a pro 2nd Amendment graphic designer who uses his unique creative skills to help other businesses and organizations in the community grow. Naturally precise with either a rifle or a mouse and keyboard, Ryan has been helping design and produce many of the promotional materials for Memorial 3 Gun Foundation.



Zach Grimes
Director of Logistics

Zach coordinates all of our logistical needs for our annual event. He develops logistics plans and procedures to ensure that the foundations and competition's needs are met. Zach currently serves in the Special Operations Community.


Chris Fries
Assistant Director of Logistics

Chris helps coordinate all of our logistical needs for our annual event. He ensures that whatever logistical assets the foundation needs they receive. His extensive knowledge and contacts in the logistical field bring a lot to the foundation. Chris currently works in the Special Operations Community.


Samantha Bernabe

Staff | Merchandise

Samantha is a proud SF Wife and also a supportive Range Mom to another one of our Jr. Ambassador's in the Foundation. Samantha has been helping and supporting the Special Operations community for years in different roles and capacities. Samantha has an extensive knowledge in sales and merchandise. Her goal is also to ensure all merchandise is high quality, delivered on time, and all proceeds continue to support our Gold Star Families.  


Bobbi Fries

Staff | Merchandise

Bobbi is a proud SF Mom and also a supportive Range Mom to one of our Jr. Ambassador's in the Foundation. After being a spectator at the 2019 match, Bobbi knew she wanted to contribute more to the foundation and its mission. Bobbi has an extensive background in sales and multiple other areas. Her goal is to ensure all merchandise is high quality, delivered on time, and all proceeds continue to support out Gold Star Families.



Dave DiSalvo
Director | Chief Financial Officer

Dave is our Chief Financial Officer and has oversight for all financial reporting, cash management, legal and corporate matters for the Foundation. He is the Business Manager for a high-net worth private family office in Greenwich CT and brings vast knowledge in all areas of Finance, Business and Business Management. ​


Dawn Lolli
Assistant Director

Dawn works alongside Mike Dave DiSalvo, our CFO assisting him with the oversight of all financial matters pertaining to the foundation. Dawn comes with 43 years experience working in the financial industry and a strong personal commitment to ensuring the gold star families know they and their loved one will never be forgotten.​