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"Day 1 is finished and I had a blast at the Memorial 3 Gun Match. While I expected nothing less, the stages are super fun and the true reason for the match is never lost. The respect shown to the fallen and the gold star families is the focus of the match and I'm truly privileged to be able to participate in this event and the organization."           

                                                                                                      -JOE FAREWELL

"Memorial 3 Gun isn't just about 3 gun. It’s about remembering our fallen and honoring them and their families. You gave your life for our country and freedom. A thank you will never be enough."           

                                                                                                      -MISSION 22

"Remember why we do this! To honor the great men we have lost. To support the Gold Star Families. They were fathers, husbands, brothers, and teammates. To hear their stories from their families. To make sure their memory lives on and their families know that. I am blessed to be part of this mission and to have the opportunity to meet many of the gold star families. We hugged, we cried but most of all we shared their memories. We talked about what I do in competition and even had the opportunity to teach and let them shoot, many of which never shot an AR15 before. This event is so incredibly impactful on me. To have an opportunity, even if for only a brief moment, to bring them a place where their loved ones are honored and let them know we care and will always remember. I was able to share with them my Seekins Memorial 3 Gun rifle which helps keep the M3G mission front and center as I travel to matches."         

                                                                                                      -JEFFREY ABRAHAM

"Each honoree's stage banner was filled with signatures and personal notes from attendees. Remembering those warfighters and honoring their sacrifices is exactly what this competition is all about."          

                                                                                                      -GREY GHOST PRECISION

"Listening to these families talk about their loved ones was an emotion, but fantastic experience to see the type of men they were and the effects they still have today."           

                                                                                                      -TIM CLARK

"It was truly an honor to be meeting the gold star families of the fallen soldiers that each stage was dedicated to. It's been an outstanding year of shooting and I can say there's no better match in the country."         

                                                                                                      -MICHAEL BERGER

"I cannot fully explain with words how much this event meant to me. I was surrounded by the most solid individuals there could possibly be. This was more than just a shooting match and to truly understand you just have to be there in person."          

                                                                                                      -DANIEL JONES

"Words can't describe how great this match was this past weekend. Thank you to all the Gold Star families that made it out and shared the life of your loved ones. It was an honor to meet you all. To get out there and honor our fallen, show their families love and support. It's incredible. I look forward to next year and as an Ambassador doing all I can to help this phenomenal organization grow and make others aware of what those have sacrificed. "          


"It was our honor to be a sponsor for the 3rd Annual Memorial 3 Gun Competition in North Carolina this weekend. Their mission is to remember, honor, and memorialize the fallen Special Operations soldiers through the world of competitive shooting - they will not forget nor will they let anyone else forget the ultimate sacrifice that these brave men and women made for our country."           

                                                                                                      -BLAZON APPAREL

"At the end of the weekend, we met the families and heard their stories that keep their loved ones alive. We are reminded again that this is so much more than another shoot and it's an amazing opportunity that we get to come together for those that didn't make it back home."           

                                                                                                      -JAMIE MONDY

"Before the awards and celebrations, we listen to a representative of each family to learn more about these amazing men who sacrificed it all. I promise you, there isn't a dry eye in the room."  

                                                                                                      -HEATHER MILLER

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