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The mission of the Memorial 3 Gun Foundation is to remember, honor, and memorialize fallen Special Operations soldiers through the world of competitive shooting.


We want the families of these fallen heroes to know they are not alone during and after this tragic time. During our competition, we share stories and remember who these heroes were and the lives they led.


Every person who attends as a competitor, spectator or event volunteer walks away with a sense of who each of these Honorees were.


The proceeds for our events go directly to the families of the fallen soldiers we are honoring at the event. We will never forget and not let anyone else forget, the ultimate sacrifice they have made for this country.

Memorial 3 Gun Foundation Definition of a Gold Star Family

Direct relative of a service member who has passed away by either being killed in action, killed while deployed in unrelated combat action, killed during a non-combat heroic action, training accident, or suicide due to PTSD.

Memorial 3 Gun Foundation Definition of Special Operations Member

Have to have served under SOF command (USASOC, MARSOC, NAVSOC or AFSOC, to include MACVSOG, Marine Force Recon, Naval UDT, OSS). Had to have gone through a selection process, graduated and served as an operator or served in a direct support role, i.e., medic, EOD, etc.

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