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Memorial 3 Gun was again, another phenomenal experience. Volunteering for the Gold Star Families is worth it every year.



Memorial 3 Gun isn't just about 3 gun. It’s about remembering our fallen and honoring them and their families. You gave your life for our country and freedom. A thank you will never be enough.

Mission 22


The Navy Marksmanship Team, Marine Corps Shooting Team, Air Force Action Shooting Team and US Army Marksmanship Unit all participated in the Memorial 3 Gun match honoring fallen Special Operations Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and their surviving families.

US Navy Action Shooting Team


Here's the deal. Memorial 3 Gun is the best match in the world. The cause, the people. The sponsors, the toys. Everything. All of it. Great is an understatement. Thanks for everything.



It was truly an honor to be meeting the gold star families of the fallen soldiers that each stage was dedicated to. It's been an outstanding year of shooting and I can say there's no better match in the country.



I had the honor and privilege to run stage 8 at the Memorial 3 Gun this weekend honoring one of America's greatest, James Patton. Honoring James was extra special to me this year because he was nominated by one of his teammates that is someone I admire and look up to as a shooter and all around great man. I tried to run every competitor fairly and evenly across the board in a way that would be worthy of honoring this great American that we remembered this weekend along with 9 others that paid the ultimate sacrifice! I know one thing for sure he would be proud of the way his loved ones shot his stage!!!! His whole family is full of bad asses that's for sure!!!!!



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